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On 4 July 2016, District Court Civil matters transitioned from a paper based file to an electronic file (eFile). This transition allows a law firm to electronically lodge a civil document via eLodgment, receive notices from the court (if specified) via their preferred method of delivery (email or post) and electronically view documents via eLodgment on the eCourts Portal.

The courts are currently developing the next iteration of the eCourts Portal, to be implemented on 12 December 2016. From this date, a number of changes will be implemented which are intended to provide a more efficient and consistent service across all jurisdictions.

Civil Judgments Enforcement

  • Inclusion of the ability for registered users to electronically lodge a Civil Judgments Enforcement application with the Supreme, District or Magistrates Court via eLodgment on the eCourts Portal. This includes the ability to select a listing date for:
    • Form 6 – Application or Request to a Court; and
    • Form 12 – Application for Means Inquiry by Judgment Debtor.
  • Where documents are selected or required to be served by the Sheriff / Bailiff, the documents will be sent directly to them for serving, eliminating the need for you to lodge the documents with the Sheriff / Bailiff directly.
  • Based on the above, payment of the enforcement fee / deposit will be required to be made at the time of lodgment, along with the application fee.

Please note: A law firm will be able to view a list of documents within eLodgment for all jurisdictions; however may or may not be able to view the attachment. The attachment of a document is dependent on how the document has been lodged and whether the jurisdiction has transitioned to eFile.

Writ of Summons Indorsement of Claim and Writ of summons Statement of Claim

  • The ability for a defendant’s lawyer to lodge a Writ of Summons Indorsement of Claim and a Writ of Summons Statement of Claim on behalf of the plaintiff.

Future Court Listings

  • The ability to search (by name, matter number or charge number) for future civil and criminal court listings via the eCourts Portal. The search will also advise if a client has missed a court appearance and an arrest warrant has been issued, informing them to attend their local police station.

Whilst the court listings function is available to anyone, including members of the public, the ability to lodge a Civil Judgments Enforcement application and ability to lodge a Writ of Summons Indorsement of Claim and Writ of Summons Statement of Claim on behalf of the plaintiff is restricted to registered users only.

If you are not a registered user, you can apply for access by simply following the steps below:

  1. go to the following webpage:
  2. select the ‘Register’ link;
  3. complete the system login request form, obtaining approval from your manager; and
  4. scan and email the form to:

Once we have processed your application you will receive an email notification confirming access to the eCourts Portal, along with your password.

If you have any queries, please email the eCourts ICMS Change Management team at:

Yours sincerely

Joanne Stampalia

December 2016