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Notice to Practitioners - Criminal PD & C to P


The Consolidated Practice Directions & Circulars to Practitioners – Criminal Jurisdiction has been updated on 12 March 2018. The amendments relate to Circular to Practitioners 2 and Circular to Practitioners 3 as follows:

  • CP 2 – Maintaining Transcript Quality: Due to the recent name change of the Court’s transcript service provider from ‘DTI’ to ‘Epiq’, the contact details in this Circular has been updated to reflect the change in contact details.

  • CP 3 – Transcript – Last Portion of the Day: This Circular now includes new paragraphs 3.14 and 3.3 to reflect the correct arrangements for practitioners to obtain the electronic version of the end of day transcripts for circuit criminal trials, which are different to the transcript arrangements for criminal trials in the Perth District Court Building. The Contents page has also been updated as a result of the changes made to CP 3.
You can view the changes Here