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District Court of
Western Australia
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Victims of Crime

About the District Court

In its criminal jurisdiction, the court deals with all serious criminal offences such as serious assaults, sexual assaults, serious fraud and commercial theft, burglary and drug offences. The only serious offences it cannot hear are those for which the maximum term of imprisonment that can be imposed is imprisonment for life

In the vast majority of cases, a jury of 12 community members decides whether a person accused of a criminal offence is guilty or not guilty. An accused person may choose to have a trial by judge alone, and not by a jury.

Sentencing Guide

Other information

The Victims of Crime Website provided by the Victims of Crime Reference Group and the State Government contains more information about the support available to victims of crime.   It is designed to help victims of crime, their families and others by providing answers to the most commonly asked questions and issues encountered.

The topics include:

Last updated: 2-Jul-2014

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