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A subpoena is an order requiring a person or organisation (the addressee) to produce a document or thing (subpoena to produce).

A subpoena may also order the addressee to attend to give evidence (subpoena to attend to give evidence).

An addressee may be subpoenaed to attend to give evidence at a specified date and time, or to produce documents or things to the Court by a specific date.

Subpoenas to attend to give evidence or to produce documents or things must be in the correct form prescribed by the Rules of the Court.

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From 15 January 2024

Parties may file subpoenas through the Electronic Case Management System. This is via the eCourts Portal website.

If you have received a subpoena to produce issued by the Court, you may produce the document or thing also via the eCourts Portal.

The below videos provide instructions on how to file subpoenas or produce documents.



Lodging a Subpoena Acknowledgment

Viewing Subpoenaed Items

Uploading Requested Items

Last updated: 16-Jan-2024

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