Qualifications of Mediators

The practice of the District Court is that it will only list a mediation conference or a special appointment pre-trial conference before an accredited Mediator or Registrar who is a recent appointment in the process of becoming an accredited mediator. Pre-trial conferences may be listed before any Registrar, but in practice they will also be listed before a Registrar who is an accredited mediator.  

The accredited mediators in the District Court are:

Accredited mediators are required to comply with the practice standards issued by the National Mediator Accreditation Committee. The Practice Standards provide that they are subject to:

The Practice Standards provide that the accredited mediator will do things like:

District Court accredited mediators abide by the ethical standards as published by the Law Council of Australia from time to time, as applicable to lawyer mediators, as adapted to operate within the court system.

Complaints against accredited mediators

Complaints about the conduct of a Judge or Registrar acting as a mediator are dealt with in accordance with the (Protocol for Complaints against Judicial Officers in Western Australian Courts) as published on 27 August 2007.

The complaint should be in writing and be addressed to:

Chief Judge
District Court of Western Australia
500 Hay Street

Last updated: 1-Jul-2019

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