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District Court of
Western Australia
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District Court FAQs

What sort of cases appear in the District Court?

In addition to criminal offences such as serious assaults, breaking and entering, and stealing and receiving, the court also handles the restoration of driving licences and applications to have convictions spent. The majority of civil matters relate to personal injury claims due to motor vehicle accidents and workers' compensation cases.

How many criminal cases are there each year?

Click here for current figures.

How many cases does the court finalise in a year?

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What are Fast Track Pleas?

A defendant who chooses to plead guilty at the earliest opportunity can do so under the Fast Track system. This means they will appear in the District Court in a Sentence Mentions List 7 weeks after their plea is taken in the Magistrates Court. Once their file has been prepared for sentencing their matter will be place into a Sentence List before a Judge. Because of their early plea of guilty they will receive a discount on their sentence. Sentence Lists are heard before Judges at the District Court in Perth every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning. The introduction of the Fast Track process has been successful in speeding up the process of dealing with some matters and reduces the time and costs associated with trials.

Last updated: 15-Aug-2014

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