District Court of Western Australia

Criminal Practice Directions and Circulars

Practice Directions (PDs) are issued by the Chief Judge and supplement the procedures set out in the Rules of Court. They impose obligations on the parties and their lawyers.

Circulars to Practitioners (CPs) are issued by the Principal Registrar and provide guidance about the practice of the Court.

The Court has undertaken a review of the form and content of its PDs and CPs and has resolved to:

  1. issue PDs and CPs separately;
  2. restructure each of PDs and CPs into three broad groups: General (applicable to civil and criminal proceedings), Civil (applicable to civil proceedings only) and Criminal (applicable to criminal proceedings only); and
  3. publish, as a separate CP, the 'usual orders' of the Court.

All former practice directions and circulars to practitioners are revoked.

Practice Directions - General (PDG)

Circulars to Practitioners - General (CPG)

Practice Directions - Criminal (PDM)

Circulars to Practitioners - Criminal (CPM)

Forms - General (FG)

Forms - Criminal (FM)

CP - Usual Orders (UO)

Last updated: 21-Sep-2023

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